Vaclav Chalupsky is a Czech composer, pianist and guitarist born in Tabor, South Bohemia in 1994. He had an early introduction to music studying piano at his hometown art school in the class of Eva Kralova and attending courses lead by Prague professors Martin Bally and Jana Korbelova. At the age of 15 he started to play in local alternative/post-punk bands on synths and keyboards. 

Soon after first compositions arrived… First mostly as a short piano pieces (more of a structured improvisations), later more complex compositions for piano and strings as well as guitar and synth loops. In the year of 2015 a project of Chalupski was founded for live performances of Vaclav’s compositions.

After finishing university studies and moving to Prague in 2017 he focused more on compositions in collaboration with various artists such as movie directors and dancers. He completed soundtracks for student movies 72. dil (2017) and Pribeh (2018) as well as pieces for a dance performance with live music in cooperation with Tereza Krejcova called Uncovered (premiere in Archa Theatre in Prague, 2018) and Naturamela (premiered in Ponec Theatre in Prague, 2019).

Vaclav also provides musical accompaniment for dance lectures at the Duncan Conservatory, as well as Duncan Institut and other Prague-based studios. In 2018 he went to Beijing to play for the dancers attending World Dance Master’s.

The first record of Chalupski, called Vortex, came to the light in 2019. Recorded a year earlier by David Zeman in the Oskar Nedbal Theatre in Tabor, the album consists of solo piano pieces as well as compositions for piano and strings, came out on CDs and was well received by the audience. The connection with David Zeman also had another outcome – a membership of the acoustic band of Kalle.

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